List multiple warrants at a time on our regulated market and benefit from a rapid and efficient listing service.

An established leader for warrant listings

Warrants were first launched in the 1980s and have gained in popularity in both Europe and Asia. These option-like instruments enable issuers to provide investors with a sweetener when issuing a bond or stock offering.

LuxSE is a leading exchange for warrants and today we list close to 2,000 of these structured investment products. Warrants can also be listed in tranches under a programme, providing issuers with a quick and seamless listing solution.

  • 1,704 Number of structured investment products

  • 8,700+ Number of new issues in 2021

A selection of issuers listed at LuxSE

Advantages of listing at LuxSE

  • Increased visibility among international investors
  • A rapid and efficient listing process
  • A trusted regulatory regime with decades of experience listing securities
Listing Overview

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