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Finance sustainable projects and boost your ESG credentials by displaying your sustainability bonds on LGX.

Tackle sustainability issues with sustainable financing

A growing number of investors are incorporating ESG principles into their investment strategies. This new development has led to significant interest in sustainabilty bond issuance.

When the proceeds from an instrument are exclusively used to finance or refinance sustainability focused projects, the bond will be displayed in the LGX sustainability bond window.

Although the sustainability bonds market is still in its infancy, the flexibility offered by these bonds, allowing for a much broader range of projects than just green to be financed, suggests a strong potential for the market to grow.

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Sustainability standards and labels

A number of different standards, frameworks, taxonomies, methodologies and labels are included in the LGX eligibility criteria:

  • Bond standards: ICMA’s Green Bond Principles (GBP), Social Bond Principles (SBP), Sustainability-Linked Bond Principles (SLBP) and Sustainability Bond Guidelines (SBG), the Climate Bonds Taxonomy, the People’s Bank of China Green Bond Endorsed Projects Catalogue, the ASEAN Green Bond Standards and other frameworks.
  • Fund labels: LuxFLAG’s Climate Finance, Environment, Social and ESG labels, FNG’s label for sustainable mutual funds, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel for funds, the French government’s SRI and TEEC labels and the Austrian ecolabel for financial products (Österreichisches Umweltzeichen).

Note that (as per CBI) the PBOC Green Bond Endorsed Project Catalogue accepts retrofits of fossil fuel power stations, clean coal and coal efficiency improvements, and rail lines that mainly transport fossil fuels, which are not accepted under the Climate Bonds Initiative’s eligibility taxonomy.

More information on international standards related to sustainability bonds is available here.

Why list sustainability bonds on LuxSE

  • Increase visibility of your security
  • Access to a broad range of sustainable issuers
  • Rely on LuxSE’s expertise in sustainable finance
  • Option to access the Luxembourg Green Exchange without any additional costs

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