Stops on Bearer Securities

Involuntary dispossession of bearer securities

Securities affected by stops after February 17, 2016 may have been cancelled by the relevant issuer in compliance with the law of July 28, 2014 related to the immobilisation of bearer shares and units.

Placing a Stop


Stops can be placed on both domestic and foreign bearer securities further to a theft, a loss or any other reason.

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Confirmation of no stop or forfeiture

Stops Confirmation

Request for a confirmation of no stop or forfeiture in the context of an application for the restitution of cash held by the Caisse de Consignation.

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Here are all the forms related to a stop.

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Expiration of a Stop


Specific information regarding the termination of a stop, ex-officio lifting and forfeiture.

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Consultation - Products and Rates


Rates for website consultation and structured dissemination product.

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Registering Institution of Stops on Bearer Securities
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