Social bonds

Finance social projects and boost your ESG credentials by listing your social bond on our markets.

Tackle social issues with social financing

A growing number of investors are incorporating ESG principles into their investment strategies. This new development has led to significant interest in social and sustainability bond issuance.

When the proceeds from an instrument will be applied exclusively to finance or refinance social projects, the bond will be displayed in the social window.

Social bond issuers at LuxSE

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Why list your social bonds at LuxSE

  • Increase visibility of your security
  • Access to a broad range of social issuers
  • Rely on LuxSE’s expertise in social finance
  • Option to access Luxembourg Green Exchange without any additional costs

A success story from one of our partners

"BNG Bank’s listing is confirmation of the growing trend towards social investment that we have been witnessing in recent years. We see the development of market standards relating to eligibility and transparency is a crucial step towards the opening up of a social bond market and we are commited to offer issuers any guidance necessary to successfully step into the market."

Julie Becker

Member of the Executive Committee, Luxembourg Stock Exchange

List your social bonds on LGX

Launched in 2016, the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) is the largest platform exclusively dedicated to green, social and sustainable securities.Our platform offers an environment where issuers and investors can come together and fulfil their sustainable finance reporting objectives.

By displaying their securities on LGX issuers can generate awareness about their projects. The platform also caters to environmentally and socially-conscious investors by providing full and unrestricted access to a comprehensive online database of information on sustainable securities.


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