RSS feeds for notices

Stay informed about the latest market updates via our RSS feed. You will be automatically informed of any updates directly on the screen of your device, without having to connect to our site.

How it works

You can subscribe to one or more available channels:

How to access an RSS feed?

It is necessary to subscribe by selecting the above available feeds. They will then be automatically added to your RSS-compatible software or to your internet browser.

What software should be used?

To read RSS feeds, choose one of the below options:

  • Install specific software that will aggregate all of your RSS feeds
  • Use an internet browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or Mozilla Firefox. Feeds that you have subscribed to will appear in your favourites and bookmarks. Data will be updated automatically
  • Register with one of the RSS content aggregators. As opposed to software installed on your PC, access to the information is made directly on the internet via a specific interface

Legal responsibility

Please read our Terms of use.

Do you need further information?

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