About Consultation of Regulated Information


Filed regulated information in PDF format for consultation and download


Regulated information can easily be found by using the following search criteria:

  • Issuer name (originator of regulated information)

  • Country of issuer

  • CSSF code (issuer's identification as given by CSSF)

  • ISIN code of each category of shares (issuers of shares)

  • Type of the regulated information

  • Reference year

  • Publication date

Regulated information is provided free of charge for a minimum period of six months from the document's filing date.

Regulated information is archived for a period of at least five years from its filing date.



Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM) in Luxembourg

Société de la Bourse de Luxembourg S.A.

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Tel: +352 47 79 36 338

  • Tom Schmit

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