OAM - Regulated information access point

File and consult regulated information via the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM) tool – your access point for filing, storage and consultation of documents.

File regulated information

Consult regulated information

All regulated information that has been filed with us is available free of charge to all interested parties. Documents are accessible  during a period of at least six months, counted from the day the document was filed.   

How to optimise your OAM search:

Regulated information can be found based on the following search criteria:

  • Issuer name (originator of regulated information)
  • Country of issuer 
  • CSSF code (issuer's identification as given by the Luxembourg regulator)
  • ISIN code of each category of shares (issuers of shares)
  • Type of regulated information
  • Reference year 
  • Publication date

All regulated information is archived for a period of at least five years from its filing date.

Blockchain efficiency

Our OAM filing system offers the notarisation function through Ethereum, a decentralised public blockchain – it provides a "digital signature" that ensures authenticity and proof of existence of all filed documents. This additional functionality is available with no supplementary fees.

What is blockchain?

Blockchain is a public ledger distributed across thousands of computers around the world. The distributed and immutable nature of blockchain protects documents against tampering and ensures proof of authenticity. Using blockchain in our OAM ensures a highly secure and reliable decentralised infrastructure where the public can store and access information over an indefinite period of time.

For more information, consult our blockchain FAQ.

FAQ – Blockchain

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