LuxSE welcomes DZ BANK as Trading Member

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) now counts DZ BANK, Germany’s second largest bank, among its trading members. While DZ BANK has been an active issuer on LuxSE for a number of years and currently lists 37 securities on the exchange, the two institutions are now expanding their cooperation to new areas. As a trading member of LuxSE, DZ BANK will provide liquidity for the securities it has listed on LuxSE, and thereby facilitate trading. The German bank has also expressed its intention to increase its listing activity on LuxSE, especially for USD-denominated certificates.

“We are delighted to welcome DZ BANK as a new trading member at our exchange. DZ BANK’s position in the cooperative financial network in Germany makes it a strong addition to our list of trading members,” commented Julie Becker, CEO of LuxSE.

Developing new opportunities

DZ BANK is the central institution for the around 800 cooperative banks in Germany and supports the business of the independent cooperative banks in their regions with the aim of strengthening their competitiveness. It is also active as a corporate bank and is the holding company for the specialised service providers in the DZ BANK Group. 

The relationship between LuxSE and DZ BANK dates back to 1992, when DZ BANK listed its first security on the exchange. Since then, the relationship has grown stronger, with DZ BANK expanding its financial activities at LuxSE as a trading member and market maker on the exchange-regulated Euro MTF market.

Leading listing venue

LuxSE is the world’s leading exchange for the listing of international debt securities, currently counting 37,000 securities. LuxSE operates two markets and through its trading platform, the exchange gives investors access to an unrivalled wealth of international securities, including a wide selection of the world’s listed green, social and sustainability bonds.

This latest cooperation between DZ Bank and LuxSE marks an important step forward for both institutions.