StarTalers closes new funding round

The startup StarTalers raises EUR 820,000 for the upcoming launch of its investment management platform for women in Belgium and Luxembourg

Brussels/Luxembourg, 29 June 2021: StarTalers – the startup which positions itself as the “best financial friend” of women who want to make sustainable investments – announces the successful closing of a new funding round. The startup raised EUR 820,000 in its second round of financing, which will help the startup co-founded by Gaëlle Haag and Thierry Smets with the upcoming launch of its “Capitana” app, a guided investment platform that women (and men) can use to boost their savings by investing with ease in a wide range of products, while having a positive social and environmental impact.

The funds were raised primarily from the company’s historical shareholders, which include the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Seeder Fund as well as Belgian, Luxembourg and French business angels, who are mostly women, but also from Leansquare, which acquired its first stake in the startup.

EUR 820,000 to launch “CAPITANA”

“Capitana” is an investment platform that was developed by StarTalers to enable its community of over 2,000 members to easily take control of their financial future, while having a positive social or environmental impact through their investments. 

Today, only 10% of women in Europe invest their savings, which is half as many as men. This is primarily explained by women’s lack of confidence when it comes to their knowledge of finance and investments, and because women tend to consider traditional investment strategies as not in line with their values. That is why the 20% wage gap faced by women during their career is growing wider. When they retire, women have 40% less capital than men, even though women live on average five years longer. 

“Capitana” – which will soon be operational in Belgium and Luxembourg – sets out to reverse this trend by focusing on the barriers which prevent women from investing and by allowing users from both genders to build, through the application, a personalised investment portfolio based on their values and convictions. While the platform was specifically designed to address the obstacles faced by women, it may be used by all investors who identify with its values and investment philosophy.

“Capitana” will be managed by a team of financial analysts along with its investment committee, which is made up of experts from the wealth management world. The range of investments on the platform will be revealed when it is officially launched in the autumn 2021 and will reflect the founding principles of StarTalers, namely women and ethics.

We believe that we can reduce the gender inequalities associated with boosting savings. The first step is to improve the financial literacy of investors, whether male or female, to give them everything they need to understand investments. This enables them to set specific goals for their financial future themselves. Capitana will give investors the opportunity to put what they have learned into practice and make informed decisions when they embark on the adventure of making investments that they understand and identify with, while contributing to a better world. Many of them are waiting impatiently to get started!”  say Gaëlle Haag and Thierry Smets co-founders of StarTalers and the Capitana app.

Historic shareholders still present

In its first funding round at the end of 2019, StarTalers raised EUR 520,000 from the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Seeder Fund, and Belgian, Luxembourg and French business angels. Leansquare joined as a new shareholder in the second round of funding, which saw a total of EUR 820,000 raised. 

Julie Becker, CEO of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange states: “StarTalers’ mission is fully in line with our objective to contribute to the growth of sustainable finance and moreover reflects our CSR strategy and in particular our focus on diversity & inclusion and financial education. StarTalers aims to make the financial world more inclusive by helping women define an investment plan for their savings which reflects their specific goals, all while making a positive societal and environmental impact. Given StarTalers’ achievements over the past 18 months, coupled with the values and determination of its founders – which we share – we are pleased to continue to support the development of this unique investment management tool made by and for women.” 

Ben Piquard from Leansquare comments: “The future of society depends on greater diversity and greater societal awareness when it comes to the choices we make as consumers and investors. StarTalers is about to launch an investment management platform made by women for women with a strong team from the world of wealth management. This platform, which selects a range of responsible investments that reflect investors’ personal values and goals, is totally new in Belgium. Knowing that to date only 10% of women invest their savings, we consider StarTalers as an ideal example of a startup that not only has great potential but that also has a strong focus on impact. As a responsible investor in the new economy, we are happy to support this project and take part in this great adventure!