PLUS - Perma Link Upload Service

Prospectus hyperlinking made easy

PLUS – Perma Link Upload Service - is a new addition to the arsenal of LuxSE’s diverse service offering. It is a tool that has been carefully built to address technical issues which issuers may face with regards to the requirements for documents incorporated by hyperlink as set out in the Prospectus Regulation.

Guaranteed validity and storage

PLUS is the latest solution built by LuxSE to address the requirements surrounding the use and accessibility of hyperlinks within a prospectus as stated in Article 19.3 of the Prospectus Regulation. 

By using PLUS, issuers can generate hyperlinks to the relevant documents required within the prospectus, which are then stored in one of LuxSE’s secure databases.  

Article 19.3 stipulates that any documents incorporated into a prospectus must be referenced by a hyperlink. This hyperlink must be valid and accessible for a period of at least 10 years, and must directly point to the document being incorporated.  

This is where PLUS comes to the assistance of the issuers by providing them with a service that guarantees generation, validity and accessibility of a link for a period of 10+1 years. 

Advantages of using PLUS

Secures a 10+1 year hyperlink lifespan

Guarantees that hyperlinks produced by PLUS and included in a prospectus have a minimum lifespan of 10+1 years

Streamlines prospectus creation

Eliminates complications for issuers surrounding the incorporation of documents by reference within a prospectus

Precise and direct access

Ensures that the hyperlink(s) remain operational, unique and direct during this period

Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements

PLUS allows issuers to fully comply with the obligations pertaining to the incorporation of documents via hyperlink as set out in the Prospectus Regulation
PLUS-check.png Provides storage and access to issuers’ selected hyperlink(s) for a period of 10+1 years
PLUS-check.png Provides issuers who do not have a website with the ability to create and store hyperlinks

Taking the worry out of incorporating documents


Ensuring that all hyperlinks contained within a prospectus are valid and live for at least 10 years is an eternity within the world of IT. To lessen the ongoing monitoring which would need to be performed by the issuer in order to ensure these hyperlinks remain active, PLUS stores the files contained within these hyperlinks in one of LuxSE’s secure databases. The issuer is provided with the corresponding hyperlink, which can then be used in place of the full document being referred to it in the prospectus.