Optiq migration

A new and enhanced multi-market trading platform

Starting in 2017,  LuxSE is gradually replacing its UTP trading platform with a new and enhanced multi-market trading platform called Optiq. The change follows Euronext’s decision to migrate from UTP to Optiq and will provide customers with maximum flexibility, simplified and harmonised messaging, as well as high performance and stability. The platform’s new architecture will also allow for faster recovery times when issues arise and provide users with a more flexible modular service structure. Further information about Optiq can be found on the Euronext website.

The new platform will be rolled out across Market Data and Cash Markets in a phased implementation. The first phase of the migration covers the Market Data Gateway (MDG) and entered into production in July 2017. The production launch of Optiq for Cash Markets matching engine and order entry gateways will be on 25 June 2018.

In order to fulfil disclosure obligations in line with MIFID II requirements, customers may wish to contact Euronext and enquire about use of their Transaction Reporting Service. Luxembourg Stock Exchange will provide more details about technical changes arising from the migration in due course.

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