'No stop' and 'non forfeiture' confirmation

Pursuant to the law of 28 July 2014, bearer shares or units issued by Luxembourg companies must have been deposited before 17 February 2016 with a specifically appointed depositary. Securities that have not been immobilised must be cancelled and the corresponding funds be transferred to the Caisse de Consignation.

When applying for the restitution of cash held by the Caisse de Consignation, the applicant needs a confirmation of a ‘no stop’ and ‘non forfeiture’ of a security.

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  • The following parties can give a confirmation of a 'no stop' and 'non forfeiture':

    • the issuer of the security,
    • the institution acting as the financial agent of the security in Luxembourg (e.g. a custodian bank),
    • Organisme de Centralisation.

    Confirmations will be issued by the Organisme de Centralisation according to the information available at the date of the confirmation.

    The confirmation will be sent directly to the Caisse de Consignation after payment of the fees.

  • Once sure that the claimant’s file is complete, the Caisse de Consignation will reimburse the holder of the bearer securities.

    The Luxembourg Stock Exchange will not be involved in any manner in the process of reimbursement.

    The delivery of the confirmation by the Organisme de Centralisation does not constitute and shall not be construed as any warranty, commitment or representation from the Organisme de Centralisation that the funds held by the Caisse de Consignation will be finally paid to the claimant.

  • The fees are payable in advance:

    • Per ISIN: flat rate of 500 EUR + 100 EUR per security (excl. VAT)

    An invoice will be sent to the claimant.

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