LuxSE remains open and fully operational

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread across Europe and beyond, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has implemented radical measures to protect our employees and comply with the instructions given by public authorities, while ensuring that all our business functions remain operational and secure. As of Friday 20 March, 97% of our employees are working remotely and our activity levels remain high.

We are happy to confirm that our markets are open and our listing processes and information services are running as normal and according to our strict quality standards. The turnaround time for our common services remain unchanged. We have no plans of market closure. Quite the opposite: We will work hard to keep our exchange open even if the circumstances will worsen further.

As a central institution in the Luxembourg financial sector, we see it as our duty to be available for our clients and ensure the smooth functioning of the financial ecosystem.

The role of exchanges

The economic impact of the Covid-19 pandemic has introduced extraordinary volatility in global financial markets. In an environment where uncertainty makes it unusually hard to price assets and for market-makers to operate, exchanges are providing the only way to establish consensus on these valuations in real time.

Financial markets provide businesses with crucial funding and risk management products and services. Investors rely on markets for adequately priced assets and managing portfolio risk. The transparent price formation process that happens on exchanges provides essential market information to investors, asset managers and economic decision-makers alike. 

Even as the current coronavirus outbreak causes significant operational pressure on market infrastructures, these functions remain critically important. It is essential that financial markets remain open and able to perform their role - providing investors with liquidity, facilitating price discovery, and allowing for risk transfer and the transmission of monetary policy. 

Market infrastructures around the world recognise their responsibility not only to issuers and market participants, but to the economies they serve and society at large. 

We assure our customers that the Luxembourg Stock Exchange teams will remain your trusted partners and we will inform you proactively about any impact on our services. All communication channels available under normal circumstances will be used to share information.

For more information

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your usual contact persons at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. You can also contact our Corporate Secretary General Office at secretariatgeneral@bourse.lu or by calling Corporate Secretary General Christian Dohmen at +352 47 79 36 226.