LGX releases joint article with GLF on sustainable land-use and biodiversity

In a joint article entitled ‘How can Green Bonds catalyse investments in biodiversity and sustainable land-use projects?’, Paul Chahine, Sustainable Research Manager at the Luxembourg Stock Exchange’s sustainable finance platform LGX and Ludwig Liagre, Sustainable Finance Advisor for GLF take a deep dive into the potential role Green Bonds might have in our fight to foster biodiversity and finance sustainable land-use projects within a landscape approach.

The detailed piece offers readers multiple examples of how issuers – whether sovereign entities or private organisations – can contribute to the creation of projects which support biodiversity and sustainable land-use by issuing Green Bonds.

At the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Paul Chahine is a lecturer at the LGX Academy and one of the driving forces behind this initiative. Paul is an expert in climate finance tracking and related methodologies.

The article discusses recent success stories in countries such as the Netherlands and highlights the current status of the Green Bond Market. The article also takes a look towards the future and what is still needed to ensure we protect the world’s diverse ecosystems and landscape in our climate crisis efforts.


Read the joint article to learn more about the developments in the field of financing for biodiversity and sustainable land-use projects:
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