LGX Academy hosts inaugural webinar

On Tuesday 26 May 2020, the LGX Academy broke new ground by holding its first webinar that saw around 150 attendees entering the virtual classroom of Sustainability Research Manager, Paul Chahine and Sustainable Finance Manager, Benoit Pauly. 

During the one-hour session on Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds (GSS) in the Context of Covid-19, attendees were given a taster of what the LGX Academy can provide to those who wish to expand their Sustainable Finance knowledge. 

As Governments and organisations across all industries continue to analyse the economic effects of Covid-19, GSS bonds are emerging as crucial pillars of the world’s socio-economic recovery. In the webinar, our expert lecturers highlighted the need to link ongoing recovery efforts with the global goals of the Paris Agreement and United Nations Sustainable Goals and explain some of the tools available.

If you would like to bring yourself up to speed on the topics discussed during the webinar, a full-length recording is now available for your viewing below.
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