New KYC forms for new issuers at LuxSE

AML/KYC rules are being tightened across the globe, including in the EU through the EU AML Directives IV and V now transposed into Luxembourg laws and regulations.

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange aims to keep KYC/AML internal policies and processes as simple and user friendly as possible, resulting in an amended process.

For new issuers, the main novelty of this modification will be the conduct of an initial due diligence on the issuer applying for a listing and/or an admission to trading of its securities on our markets. In practice, this means that, in addition to the existing Application Form and Letter of Undertaking, we will require an AML/KYC form. 

For existing issuers, a revised risk classification process will be implemented in line with our AML/KYC policy. These issuers will be contacted during the ongoing due diligence process in order to make sure that the mandatory filings and documentations are up-to-date. The listing/admission to trading process for existing issuers remains unchanged and no AML/KYC form needs to be provided for new applications by existing issuers.

The new KYC forms for new issuers at LuxSE are available here: