1. Will LuxSE still be able to stick to its standard document turnaround times for debt listings in spite of the issues caused by COVID-19?

Absolutely! Our teams remain well connected and continue to be committed to our usual review times of a maximum 3 days for first submissions and maximum 2 days for subsequent drafts. All readers and other contacts work remotely and can be reached by their usual email address or phone number. Most of our listings (99%) continue to be handled within 48 hours.

2. Are any particular changes to the existing processes or new policy measures planned or will it be business as usual as far as possible?

No specific new measures or adjusted requirements are neither planned for the time being nor necessary. All our services such as Listing, Financial News Service, PLUS, LEI, FIRST and e-Listing remain fully operational. Processes for the submission of documents to and for the communication with LuxSE remain unchanged.

3. Should we expect a longer approval process with the CSSF, the Supervisory National Authority in Luxembourg, in the current situation?

No, the CSSF is fully operational and its review times remain unchanged. As the update season for programmes has just started, we recommend contacting the CSSF as soon as possible to agree on new timelines. More information can be found here (CSSF Communiqué COVID-19 dated 17 March 2020) or here (CSSF website page where all communiqués/press releases are being published).

For more information

LuxSE teams are happy to reply to any questions you may have. Please contact us:
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Head of Listing

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Head of Relationship Management

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