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LuxSE receives ESR label – LuxSE

We have received the ESR Label – Luxembourg’s sustainability label awarded by INDR for sustainable development and CSR activities. Read more

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Women in Finance – interview – LuxSE

From KYC to sustainability preferences, from market-driven to policy-based standards, read what, according to Julie Becker, the future holds for capital markets in an interview she gave to State Street

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MoU with Industrial Bank of China – LuxSE

The Industrial Bank of China (CIB) and LuxSE establish cooperation in the green bond debt market. On November 12, the two entities signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) during LuxSE’s visit to Fuzhou, CIB’s headquarter, to frame their cooperation in the international green markets.
The Industrial Bank (CIB) has a long-standing commitment to sustainability – in 2007, the bank signed the Equator Principles, commonly known as the International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards on social and environmental sustainability, thus becoming the first Chinese bank to do so. Today, after a decade of supporting sustainable projects, the bank, calling itself the Green Bank, signs an MoU with LuxSE, the operator of the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) – a platform limited to sustainable securities of highest transparency levels.
LGX displays over 250 green, social and sustainability securities worth more than USD 100 billion, two years after its launch.

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