XDP Protocol

Accessing our data feed for bonds, warrants, equities, investment funds and indices


Data vendors will connect directly to Euronext through SFTI using the XDP (eXchange Data Publisher) protocol.

As the technical platform of the Luxembourg market is hosted by Euronext, access to real-time information of the LuxSE is done through the same infrastructure and the same protocols as any other Euronext market feeds.

To access the LuxSE market feed, you therefore need to:

  • have access to the SFTI (Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure) network either through dedicated access or through an ISV (Independent Software Vendor)

  • develop or purchase an application that can decode the feeds in XDP format.

The XDP protocal is based on the multicast dissemination of market messages.

Real-time information of the LuxSE is disseminated on the following dedicated multicast groups:

Services ID

Primary feed

Secondary feed

110 - Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Multicast Group:
Port: 21046
Multicast Group:
Port: 21047

Using this feed does not require a procedure of the types "User Acceptance" or "Go Live" at Euronext and the LuxSE.

All detailed technical information, enabling access to feeds and to decode XDP messages, can be found on the Euronext website:

For additional technical information, please contact the market information team directly.






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