FTP Connection

Retrieve prospectuses and many other types of documents from our databases through an FTP connection

LuxSE document product

The LuxSE offers the possibility to retrieve documents and prospectuses available in our databases through an FTP connection. The added value of this type of retrieval isin avoiding mail delivery delays and issues.

The types of documents distributed are:

  • Definitive conditions (Art 10, Prospectus Law)

  • Registration document

  • Memo on transferable securities

  • Summary

  • Prospectus

  • Base Programme Prospectus

  • New Programme Approval

  • Unitary prospectus (Programme tranche)

  • Final terms (Pricing supplement)

  • Public Offering not followed by listing

  • Share exchange offer notice

  • Share exchange offer supplement

  • Prospectus supplement

  • Erratum

  • Buyback offer prospectus

  • Share prospectus

  • Publication

  • UCI (investment fund) prospectus

This list is not exhaustive and other types of documents may be included.

Lists on request

These are tailor made for your needs. You may choose the format in CSV or Excel files delivered via e-mail or an FTP connection at the end of the day

Some examples of lists on request are emerging markets bonds, an index and its constituents, or simply listing agents or new issuers, etc.



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