Day-to-day management

The board of directors has delegated a number of its powers to various bodies and the day-to-day management of the company is carried out by the executive committee, assisted in its tasks by various business and operational units.

Julie Becker

Chief Executive Officer

Julie Becker heads:

Internal Audit
Nathalie Beffort, Internal Auditor

Regulatory Affairs
Paula Redondo Pereira, Head of Regulatory Affairs

Secretary General to the Board of directors
Maurice Bauer, Secretary General to the Board of directors

Corporate Secretary General
Christian Dohmen, Corporate Secretary General

Julie Vichi, Head of Communication

Legal, Compliance & Risk
Julie Dedrich, Head of Legal, Compliance & Risk

Human Resources
Christopher Frères, Head of HR

Luxembourg Green Exchange
Laetitia Hamon, Head of Sustainable Finance

Pierre Schoonbroodt

CFO, Member of the Executive Committee

Pierre Schoonbroodt heads:

Markets & Surveillance
Guy Weymeschkirch, Head of Markets & Surveillance

Finance & Administration
Philippe Rézette, Head of Accounting & Administration

Strategic & Corporate Development
Melvin Goergen, Head of Strategic and Corporate Development

Laurent Pulinckx

CIO, Member of the Executive Committee

Laurent Pulinckx heads:

CIO Office
Marie-Christine Varinot, CIO Office Manager

Innovation, Architecture & Security
Yannick Bruck, Chief Technology Officer

Core Products Delivery
Eric Pantalone, Head of Core Products Delivery

Emerging Products Delivery
Thomas Kieffer, Head of Emerging Products Delivery

Shared & Transversal Solutions
Pascal Juliot, Head of Shared & Transversal Solutions

Infrastructure & Service Delivery
David Perreaux, Head of Infrastructure & Service Delivery

Arnaud Delestienne

Director of International Capital Markets, Member of the Executive Committee

Arnaud Delestienne heads:

International Primary Markets
Alessandro Picco, Head of Listing

Business Development & Marketing
Carlo Houblie, Commercial Director

Product Management
Philippe Van Hecke, Head of Product Management

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