Securities Official List (SOL)

We offer issuers the possibility to list their securities on our official list without admission to trading.


At the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE), we offer issuers the possibility to register their securities on our official list, without admission to trading. These securities are included on our official list, in the Securities Official List (SOL) section.

LuxSE SOL is designed for issuers looking for visibility and for whom admission to trading is not a prerequisite. This could be of interest for various issuers and securities.

The LuxSE SOL is governed by a dedicated Rulebook of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the Grand-Ducal Regulation of 30 May 2018 which implements the Directive 2001/34/CE establishing the existence of the official list.


Securities Official List

The advantages of LuxSE SOL

  • Securities included on the official list of LuxSE
  • Enhanced visibility
  • Not subject to regulation related to admission to trading
  • Simplified registration process
  • Opportunity to communicate an indicative price
  • Enhanced distribution and diversification of the investor base
  • Opportunity to be displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange

  • Investments in securities admitted to the official list
  • Enhanced transparency through additional data and information
  • Indicative prices
  • Portfolio valuation


Admission to LuxSE SOL

    • An Information Notice in English, French or German, which includes, at a minimum, details about the securities and the issuer.
    • A prospectus, listing particular or offering circular is acceptable, but not required.
    • An application form containing a declaration that the issuer will comply with the terms and conditions set out in the Rulebook.

    • A written confirmation that the issuer and the securities comply with the applicable legislation and regulations.

    • Articles of incorporation and annual reports of the issuer (and of the guarantor, if any).

    The full requirements are described in the LuxSE SOL Rulebook:
    • Securities events: the issuer shall communicate to us in advance any information relating to events affecting the securities admitted to LuxSE SOL. This is essential to the proper functioning of the official list. 
    • Disclosure to LuxSE: the issuer shall disclose to us all information concerning the listed securities, including but not limited to, important changes in activities or any modifications to the articles of association and notices of meetings for security holders.
    The full requirements are described in the LuxSE SOL Rulebook:
  • Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Display on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX)

To be displayed on LGX, securities must fulfil the prerequisite of being listed in Luxembourg. Registering your securities on LuxSE SOL provides you with an accepted and simplified access point to LGX.

For LuxSE SOL-listed securities, the LGX admission process remains the same as for those listed on one of our two markets.


The Information, data and prices (if any) displayed on this page (collectively the “Information”) are made available for general information purposes. The Information cannot be disseminated, displayed, sold or distributed, in any manner, in whole or in part, freely or against payment, without the prior written consent of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (“LuxSE”).

LuxSE  does not give any representation or warranty and disclaims any liability or responsibility of any kind in connection with the accuracy, correctness, timeliness, fitness for a particular purpose, reliability or completeness of the Information. LuxSE does not accept any liability or responsibility of any kind for any loss or damages arising directly or indirectly from the use of, or any action refrained or taken on any Information.The Information does not constitute and is not construed as any advice, solicitation, offer, endorsement, commitment or recommendation on behalf of LuxSE to  invest in any financial instrument. Neither does the publication of the Information by LuxSE represent or constitute any warranty or representation from LuxSE in connection with the good standing, profitability, suitability or reliability of any financial instrument and/ or of any issuer.
LuxSE cannot represent or warrant that the Information will be updated, displayed or made available in real time and/ or without any delay.

Listing and admission to trading

LuxSE operates two markets: the Bourse de Luxembourg (BdL) market and the Euro MTF market. Securities listed on one of these markets are automatically admitted to trading.

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