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LuxSE AGM: Strong year-end results and continuing growth

Interview: Frank Wagener, Chairman of the board and Robert Scharfe, CEO

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LuxSE Annual General Meeting

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Strong year-end results and continuing growth

LuxSE announced strong results for 2015 during its annual general meeting held on 20 April 2016.

Consolidated operating income of the LuxSE Group stood at EUR 45 million, an increase of 5% compared to the previous year. This growth was primarily due to increased revenues in its subsidiary Fundsquare, growth in the number of new listings as well as tight cost control and efficiency gains.
As a result, net profit for the year increased by 16% to reach EUR 12.6 million. The dividend was unchanged compared to the previous year at EUR 60 per share (EUR 51 net).

In its core business of international securities, LuxSE listed and admitted to trading almost 10,991 new securities for some 640 issuers worldwide. The number of new listings for 2015 represented an increase of 3% and overall revenue for its listing activity grew by 2%.

LuxSE remains the leading exchange for international bonds. It also had a 50% world market share for green bonds, an estimated 60% share for high yield bonds in Europe and a 43% share for Renmimbi (RMB) bonds outside of Asia. Aware of its role in the current climate financing debate, LuxSE has been recognized by the issuers as the Green Bond Exchange acting as a responsible actor in close collaboration with the financial sector in Luxembourg and with the main international climate financing initiatives.

Fundsquare, its specialist subsidiary dedicated to the investment fund industry, increased its revenue by 22% during the year, due to a solid performance of its information and regulatory services. 

In 2015, as part of its regulatory reporting activities, Fundsquare deployed a new service for FATCA reporting reaching a 70% market share for this service in Luxembourg end of 2015. It also rolled out services for its new client segment of insurance companies and increased its connectivity with local and international regulators. 

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Commenting on these results, Robert Scharfe, CEO of LuxSE, said: “We have invested significantly in human resources and our knowledge networks and these results show that we are creating a new ecosystem around the services of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange. For the future, we see great potential in green bonds, an area that is important to us as the leading international listing venue and one in which we are committed to play a proactive role.”

Following the annual general meeting, the board of directors unanimously re-elected Frank Wagener as chairman of the board. Frank Wagener has been on the LuxSE board since 2007 and its chairman since 2011. 


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Continuing innovation

LuxSE Chairman and CEO comment on the 2015 results


Q: First of all, congratulations to you Mr. Wagener for your re-election as chairman of the board of directors of LuxSE for 3 more years. At today’s annual general meeting, you announced a 16% increase in net results and a 3% increase of new listings. Are you satisfied with 2015?

Results for 2015
are a message of
confidence from
our clients and
a strong message
to the market

Robert Scharfe
F.W: Today, I am very honoured by the confidence of my peers and proud to be able to continue such exciting work within a pillar of the Luxembourg financial community and an important player in international capital markets. 

Our results for 2015, in a difficult international environment, show a continuation of the work of talented employees within the organisation over the last few years. It is a message of confidence from our clients and a strong message to the market, as LuxSE today offers almost 40,000 listed securities in 55 currencies and serves more than 3,000 issuers in 100 countries.

R.S.: Together with all our teams inside the LuxSE Group, we worked hard in 2015. In a very competitive environment, LuxSE, in its core business of international securities, listed and admitted to trading almost 11,000 new securities.

Innovation is the engine of our success. Our clients’ needs are at the forefront of our actions. Proximity to our clients, constant dialogue and exchange with clients and intermediaries require a proactive attitude of our commercial teams. Servicing clients well requires commitment and engagement from everyone, whatever the respective job or function.

Q: Green finance and green bonds were highlighted at the AGM. Concretely how is LuxSE supporting this type of financing?

F.W: Recently, LuxSE listed its 100th green bond and celebrated an important milestone in the momentum that the green bond market currently enjoys. This happened less than ten years after LuxSE and the European Investment Bank (EIB) pioneered the launch of the first green bond and today we can applaud these impressive results. As a capital markets intermediary committed to a sustainable economy, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange facilitates access to green bonds for an increasing number of issuers.

We voluntarily participate in several initiatives,  including the green bond principles of the International Capital Market Association and the Sustainable Stock Exchanges Initiative. We are in dialogue with the World Federation of Exchanges, supranational organizations like the European Investment Bank, investors and regulators, to promote long-term sustainable investment.

Innovation is
the engine of
our success

Robert Scharfe

R.S: Financial centres and those who are involved in financial transactions need to add value to the economy and support the development of society at large.

Pure profitability as an investment objective will no longer be sufficient nor acceptable. Sustainable development and the green economy are increasingly important economic growth drivers. 

Initiatives to make the green bond market more attractive are flourishing across financial centres. The Luxembourg Stock Exchange did not wait for the Paris COP21 agreement to show its commitment to sustainable finance. We have invested significantly in human resources and our knowledge networks and we are creating a new ecosystem around the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

For the future, LuxSE is likely to play a pivotal role in the funding of green climate financing, supporting the growing market for green bonds and ensuring appropriate transparency. 

Facts & Figures

Interesting LuxSE figures 2015



new securities
listed and admitted to trading (+3%)

12.6 MM

net profit (+16%)


green bonds worldwide


High Yield bonds in Europe


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