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Green bonds

LuxSE, the home of Green Bonds, lists 100th Green Bond!

With 100 green bonds listed in 20 currencies by 20 issuers, LuxSE is the leading global exchange for Green Bonds.

Unrivalled world leader in the listing of green bonds, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) celebrated an important milestone in its commitment to green finance, with the listing of the 100th Green Bond admitted on its markets on 18 February 2016.
Following the COP21 agreement, Green Bond issuance is expected to play an increasing role in green finance and stock exchanges can play a distinctive role for scaling-up the market promoting transparency, accountability and comparability, while facilitating investor assessment and public confidence. Fostering trust and assuring market integrity will be a key success factor for the future development of the Green Bond market.

We constantly transform
our business for the long term
and see ourselves as true drivers of financial progress.
Green Bonds are a good example of this direction.

Robert Scharfe, CEO, LuxSE
As a reputable stock exchange committed to sustainability, LuxSE is actively promoting the further growth of the Green Bond market and is determined to facilitate green fund raising and to offer the highest transparency to investors.
LuxSE Green Bonds page
List of traded Green Bonds on LuxSE
The 100th Green Bond listing

Queries prior to listing a green bond:

Contact: Chiara Caprioli
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Financial News Service

Know more about Luxembourg’s leading service for regulatory and financial news announcements

Meet your financial communication needs
FNS is an efficient, easy to use tool, offering issuers and market participants to publish and disseminate their news announcements.

Efficient dissemination
Announcements done  via FNS are published on the website of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and distributed immediately and accurately to a roster of financial media, including Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, Dow Jones. This allows issuers to fulfill their regulatory obligations relating to effective dissemination for both the Regulated Market and the Euro MTF.
Competitive fees
Pay as you go - FNS is the most cost-efficient solution to meet legal publication requirements.
More than 1,100 issuers use FNS to communicate announcements to investors and to the market. Clients include the vast majority of benchmark financial institutions, corporates and SSA's.
Example of latest Notices published:
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Rules & Regulations

LuxSE Rules and Regulations:

good news for issuers! 


On 1 January 2016, amendments to the rules and regulations of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange entered into force making disclosure more straight-forward.

On 1 January 2016, amendments to the rules and regulations of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange entered into force. These amendments are the first in a new process which has been undertaken by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) to update the Rules for the purposes of and bringing them in line with the latest market practices. A number of disclosure requirements in relation to the drafting of prospectuses have been either removed or made lighter and special rules have been introduced for securities with a denomination per unit of at least EUR 100,000.
LuxSE Rules & Regulations - 2016 edition
Overview of the main Amendements

To know more about LuxSE Rules & Regulations

Contact: Alex Picco
T: +352 47 79 36-261 | email:

Facts & Figures

Interesting LuxSE statistics 2014-15


Bond listings (+4,2%)


Dim Sum Bonds


Listings from Irish issuers


LuxRI Fund Index
Facts & Figures


Upcoming events

22-23 MAR

| 6th Annual European High Yield Bond
  London, UK
  LuxSE Panelist:      Carlo Oly, International Primary Markets
  LuxSE Participant:
Denis Noonan, Strategy & Development

22-23 MAR

| 11th World Exchange Congress
  London, UK
  LuxSE Speaker:        Robert Scharfe, CEO
  LuxSE Participants: Julie Becker and Hubert Grignon Dumoulin, Members of the Executive Committee

21 APR 

IFN Forum Europe
  LuxSE Speaker:        Robert Scharfe, CEO

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