Luxembourg Stock Exchange strengthens ties with China

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) signs a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with China Merchants Bank (CMB) and Qianhai Financial Holdings.

In the MoU between LuxSE, CMB and Qianhai Financial Holdings, all parties commit to exchanging information about listing and trading activities of securities issued by Chinese entities. “This agreement is an important step in sharing best practices about both markets. We are proud that we already are China’s gateway to Europe – in 2015, 42% of Chinese investments to Europe were channelled through Luxembourg. The MoU will only strengthen the ties,” commented Robert Scharfe, CEO of LuxSE. The signing of this agreement takes place only one day after LuxSE signed another MoU with the Chinese Bank of Communications.

The LuxSE, CMB and Qianhai Financial Holdings agreement focuses on sharing information about listing and trading of bonds and equities; asset securitization; and private equity activity of Chinese entities. The organisations commit to cooperating on the innovation and creation of new listing and trading products, as well as any other form of business that could be of interest.

LuxSE listed Europe’s first offshore RMB bond from a non-Chinese issuer, or Dim Sum bond, in 2011. Today, with 90 Dim Sum bonds listed for issuers from 23 countries, it is the number one listing venue for these bonds in Europe.


About the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE)

2 markets, 3,000 issuers, 40,000 securities
The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) is the gateway to access international investors. With 40,000 listed securities, including some 26,000 bonds, from 3,000 issuers in 100 countries, LuxSE is the world’s number one exchange for the listing of international securities and offers a unique full service throughout listing, trading and reporting.
LuxSE operates two markets: an EU regulated market (“Bourse de Luxembourg”) and an exchange-regulated market (“Euro MTF”). All securities are tradable on Euronext’s UTP platform.
LuxSE also operates a specialist subsidiary, Fundsquare, which provides services to substantially support and standardize cross-border distribution of investment funds.

The first exchange to go green
In 2007, LuxSE became the first exchange in the world to list a Green Bond – issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance part of its climate projects. A number of issuers have since listed, and earlier this year LuxSE marked its 100th listed green bond. The value of all Green Bonds on LuxSE has surpassed $45 billion.  Green listings on LuxSE represent the highest number of listed green bond offering globally (September 2016).

 LuxSE MoU CMB - press release - v1 (2) 

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