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EIB’s 1st Sustainability Awareness Bond – LGX

LuxSE celebrated the issuance with a ‘ring the bell’

The EUR 500 million transaction, listed on LuxSE and displayed on LGX, represents the first EIB funding intended to directly support sustainable finance and builds on EIB’s pioneering role in boosting investments through sustainable bonds. The proceeds from the first bond of its kind will focus on investment in water supply, sanitation and flood protection and are expected to expand tohealth and education once detailed reporting frameworks are in place. Read more on EIB’s website.


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The Future of Sustainable Investing in Europe and Beyond – LGX

Following the recent European Commission legislative package on sustainable finance, industry leaders discuss investor demand for ESG investments and implications for asset managers.

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World's first forestry covered bond – LGX

Landshypotek Bank pioneers with the world’s first forestry covered bond. It is fully committed to Swedish sustainable forestry, thus supports biodiversity and carbon dioxide reduction.

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