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Icon - LuxSE mini The Luxembourg sovereign lists on the Regulated Market

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg lists its EUR 2 billion bond on our Regulated Market. It's the country's first issuance since 2013 and was oversubscribed 3.5 times. The transaction carries an annual coupon of 0.625%, implying a re-offer yield of 0.740%. The transaction was managed by BCEE, BGL BNP Paribas, BIL, Bank of China, Deutsche Bank and SG CIB.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is rated Aaa/AAA/AAA with a stable outlook

Read more in the official press release

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Icon - LGX mini  New green bond tranche from EIB 

European Investment Bank (EIB), our biggest issuer on LGX by amount issued and second in the number of listings, lists yet another tranche of green bonds. Proceeds from this SEK 3 billion (approx. EUR 315 million) issuance will go to renewable energy and energy efficiency projects. 

Previous issuance from EIB displayed on LGX was less than three months ago.



Icon - LuxSE mini China Construction Bank Europe chooses Euro MTF for a EUR 3 billion programme

China Construction Bank Europe (CCB Europe) listed its EUR 3 billion Medium Term Note programme on the Euro MTF market. The proceeds will be used for general corporate purposes of the bank. It is the first time CCB Europe lists a programme in Luxembourg. China Construction Bank (Europe) S.A. and the guarantor of the programme China Construction Bank Corporation Luxembourg Branch were established in 2013 and are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Beijing based China Construction Bank Corporation.

The programme was rated “A1” by Moody’s. 

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Icon - LGX mini  Enel issues 1st green bond – lists in Luxembourg

Enel, one the world’s leading integrated electricity and gas operators, lists its 1st ever green bond in Luxembourg. The EUR 1.25 billion bond is the biggest ever EUR-denominated corporate issuance displayed on LGX. Raised funds will be dedicated to, among others, renewable energy and smart grid projects. 

Read more in Enel's press release.

African Development Bank


Icon - LGX mini  African Development Bank lists its 5th green bond in Luxembourg

Worth 1.25bn SEK, the bond is already displayed on LGX.

Proceeds from this issuance will be dedicated solely to climate change adaptation and mitigation - as was the case with the other two SEK green bonds by AfDB. More details on the issuance can be found on AfBD’s website.

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Icon - LuxSE miniLuxX index review

In accordance with the rules governing the LuxX index, the executive committee has reviewed and rebalanced the index’s weighing. The composition of the LuxX index as from Monday 2 January 2017 will be as follows:


Weighting at 02/01/2017*

Number of shares

Weighting at 28/12/2016

Number of shares





















Reinet Investments





RTL Group




















* Estimate based on closing prices of 28 December 2016.

Latest News - JBE


Icon - LGX mini  Julie Becker becomes member of EU’s Sustainable Finance Group

Julie Becker, member of the Executive Committee of LuxSE, has been appointed member of the European Commission's High-Level Expert Group on Sustainable Finance.

The Group, which will start meeting as of January 2017, comprises 20 policy leaders from civil society, the finance sector and academia. The objective is that the Expert Group provides, by the end of 2017, recommendations for a comprehensive EU strategy on sustainable finance as part of the Capital Markets Union. The Commission will draw on these recommendations to determine how to integrate sustainability considerations into the EU's rules for the financial sector. This marks an important step in the follow-up to the EU's 2030 Agenda for sustainable development as well as the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Commenting on the appointment, Julie Becker said: “I am honoured to be selected to form part of the expert group and would like to congratulate all other appointees. My appointment is the result of remarkable work of the whole LuxSE Green Team and I would like to thank everyone involved for their professionalism and dedication”.

The first meeting of the Expert Group will be held at the Commission's premises in Brussels on 24 and 25 January.

More information can be found in the European Commission’s press release.


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Icon - LGX mini  First sovereign joins Luxembourg Green Exchange

The world’s first sovereign green bond, issued by the Republic of Poland, lists at LuxSE. The EUR 750 million green bond will, in parallel, be displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX).

Asked about the selection criteria when choosing the listing venue for the green bond, Poland’s Deputy Minister of Finance, Piotr Nowak, explained: “LuxSE is one of the biggest stock exchanges for international bonds in Europe, and a very innovative one. The recent implementation of the Green Exchange is a proof of an open-minded approach towards the needs of financial markets. On top of that, we received strong recommendations from market participants to list there”. Poland lists EUR 50 billion worth of bonds in Luxembourg. 

The LuxSE Green Team puts special focus on assessing the planned use of proceeds raised from green securities. The Polish sovereign has committed, among other things, to deliver a detailed ex-post report on the actual use of proceeds raised through this issuance.

More details can be found in the press release.


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Icon - LuxSE mini  Migration to Optiq platform: 17 May 2017 (start of phase 1)

We will be soon introducing the new Euronext Optiq platform. This enhanced, multi-market trading platform will replace the Euronext UTP one. We strongly encourage all Data Vendors/ISVs to carefully read the below and attached information. Otherwise, you risk losing your connectivity.

The first lot of modifications will mainly concern the real-time feed and therefore the broadcasted data. There are various benefits of moving to Optiq, in particular: 

  • - Simplified and harmonized message structure (where applicable)
  • - Enhanced binary protocol
  • - FIX 4.2 and FIX 5.0 replaced by FIX 5.0 SP2 for order entry
  • - Refresh and retransmission services replaced by regular multicast snapshot
  • - Change of multicast channels for market data
  • - Optimised feed for all connectivity types
  • - Ensured compliance with the MiFID II regulation

You can start testing it as of now. More details can be found here...


logo Suzano


Icon - LGX mini  Brazilian pulp and paper producer joins LGX

Suzano becomes the latest Luxembourg Green Exchange joiner. The Brazilian company is the second largest producer of eucalyptus pulp in the world and leader in the paper market in Latin America. The proceeds raised from the $500 million green bond issuance will be dedicated to sustainable forestry, conservation, water management, energy efficiency and renewable energy.

More details about the issuer.


logo Iberdrola


Icon - LGX mini  Another green bond from the Spanish Iberdrola

A warm fourth-time welcome to Iberdrola. The Spanish energy leader issued its 4th green bond. The security with a value of €750 million was three times oversubscribed. It was placed on the Euro MTF market, with proceeds earmarked for refinancing wind farm investments in Spain. Iberdrola is now listing all its green bonds in Luxembourg.

You can find more information in the company’s press release

Logo NRW


Icon - LGX mini  NRW.BANK lists its 4th green bond at LuxSE

All NRW.BANK’s green instruments are now displayed on the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a platform we launched in September. It only displays instruments that are 100% green.

The proceeds from NRW’s 500 million EUR green bond with a maturity of 10 years will be used to fund environmentally friendly water and energy projects in North Rhine-Westphalia – including wind turbine generators, energy efficiency measures, a low carbon transport project, and the renaturation of the river Emscher.

Read more on the green issuance on NRW.Bank’s website.

Learn about our LGX platform from our short video.

Logo Blockchain


Icon - LuxSE mini  Blockchain and the capital markets

Join us for a discussion about the future of IT solutions. Our CIO Bernard Simon will give a talk at PaperJam's 6x10 event tomorrow, November 16, at 18.30 CET in Luxembourg City about how we incorporate blockchain to our reporting services. Can’t attend? Read our blockchain press release.

Logo COP22


Icon - LGX mini  Good morning from Marrakesh

Off we go to COP22. Meet our Secretary General Maurice Bauer in Marrakesh and discuss the vital role stock exchanges play in the development of green finance. You can tweet him to get in touch @maurice4bauer.

Logo EFW


Icon - LuxSE mini  A strong Capital Markets Union must build on the foundation of a solid debt market. There’s no way around it.

Robert Scharfe conveys a strong message during the opening day of Euro Finance Week in Frankfurt:

“The world economy functions because we have debt markets that function. A strong Capital Markets Union must build on the foundation of a solid debt market. Brexit will be a game-changer, but the international debt market has its home in Europe. We must ensure an attractive regulatory environment for it to prosper. Equity funding for SMEs and infrastructure is peanuts compared to debt funding. That’s why it’s crucial to follow on the development of debt markets.

The Capital Markets Union plan took off 14 months ago, and little concrete has been proposed to revive the necessary eco-system yet. We need to stop with the “ought to’s”, “need to’s”, “should do’s” and start implementing concrete solutions as the ecosystem for equity is not functioning on the global European level. What we lack is action. Is there a solution? Yes! We need to strike a balance between investor protection, simplification of disclosure obligations, cost reduction, and right motivation for researchers and brokers. Tax incentives for long term investments will support the real economy and create new demand for equity. It will also incentivise brokers and the production of research reports. This will boost the market. Everyone will benefit.

A solid, diversified debt market – this is the basis for the Capital Markets Union to materialise. There’s no way around it.”


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    LuxSE Mission to China

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    LuxSE participants: Robert Scharfe, CEO, Julie Becker, Member of the Executive Committee, Carlo Oly, Head of Relationship Management and Jackie Na Liu, Strategy & Development
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    2017 Climate Bonds Initiative AC & Green Bond Pioneer Awards

    London Guildhall

    LuxSE participant: Julie Becker, Member of the Executive Committee
  • Feb13

    LFF Mission to Dubai

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    LuxSE participant: Robert Scharfe, CEO
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    AFME Spanish Funding Conference


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