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Some news are important but not big enough as to require a press release. Keep abreast of everything that’s going on at LuxSE in this news section.

FESE takes stance on trading hours – LuxSE

FESE recommends to keep the opening hours for equity trading venues unchanged to best serve the interests of European markets and end investors. Read more

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Interim Revision of the LuxX Index on 1 July 2020 – LuxSE

In accordance with the rules governing the LuxX index, the executive committee of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange has decided to rebalance the LuxX index (base 1,000 as at 04/01/1999). Read more

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4th LTS Virtual FinTech HACKATHON – LGX

LGX is proud to support the Green, Social & Sustainable FinTech Hackathon organised by the Luxembourg Tech School from 3 - 5 July 2020, to find new ways to create engagement for sustainable investments. Read more

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