This is where we come from 

An overview of our 90-year long history and the technological and legal milestones that led us to becoming the company we are today.

It's been almost 90 years already



Let us take you on an exciting journey through time. You will learn how we grew since our creation in 1928, and what has let to our becoming the global reference in listing debt instruments, and lately, the leader in green bond listing.


1929 May

On 6 May 1928, LuxSE inaugurates its first trading session. The closing value of traded stocks reached XXXXX Luxembourgish francs, the equivalent of XXX euros.


During our first two decades in operations, LuxSE focused on European issuers that listed securities denominated in local European currencies. It opened up to global markets in 1953 when we listed the first bond in US dollars, issued by the World Bank. To this day, the World Bank is one of our leading issuers.

1962 January

The listing of France's Finance Union's investment fund marls the first fund listing at LuxSE. At present we list more than 6,400 separate instruments. 

1963 July

The first ever eurobond, issued by Autostrade in 1963, is listed at LuxSE. Eurobond in an international bond denominated in a currency that is not native to the issuer’s country of origin. 

1982 April

Following the introduction of the European Currency Unit (ECU) in 1979, LuxSE lists the first bond denominated in ECU, issued by SOFTE. On 1 January 1999, ECU was replaced by the euro.


LuxSE lists its first Global Depositary Receipt (GDR), issued by Samsung. A GDR is a certificate issued by a depositary bank in more than one country for shares of a foreign company.

1991 April

The stock exchange introduces its first computer-aided trading system.

1996 January

LuxSE launches a multi-fixing market on the new and automated trading system.

1999 January

The EU introduces the euro currency, we introduce the LuxX index. It is composed of nine Luxembourgish companies: Aperam, ArcelorMittal, Brederode, Luxempart, Reinet Investments, RTL Group, SES, Socfinaf and Socfinasia.

You can check LuxX Index’s current weighing here.

2002 August

LuxSE becomes the first exchange in Europe to list a sukuk, issued by Malaysia Global Sukuk Inc. A sukuk is a sharia-compliant bond, an instrument that abides by Islamic religious law.


LuxSE launches a self-regulated multilateral trading facility called the Euro MTF, a new type of market introduced by the EU Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MIFiD).

2007 March

LuxSE and Euronext cooperate with introduction of cross-membership between exchanges, allowing trades in Luxembourg to be generated through Euronext's UTP platform.

2007 July

LuxSE becomes the first exchange in the world to list a green bond – issued by the European Investment Bank (EIB) to finance part of its climate projects. A number of issuers have listed since; in early 2016 LuxSE marked the listing of the 100th green bond.

2011 September

LuxSE becomes the 1st exchange in Europe to list a dim sum bond – a renmimbi-denominated bond issued outside of China. Since, we have become the prime listing venue for this type of instruments in Europe.

2014 March

LuxSE moves to its new HQ located at 35A Boulevard Joseph II in Luxembourg City. The building adheres to stringent sustainability criteria and is certified by Valideo, a voluntary Sustainable Construction certification.


LuxSE launches the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a new platform created exclusively for securities that are green. LGX limits access to instruments that are fully aligned with the international green taxonomy. The value of all green bonds listed with us surpasses $54 billion and represents half of all listed green bonds globally.