The Luxembourg Stock Exchange


Transparency, technology, solidity, regulation

Our identity

Since our founding in 1928, we have developed extensive experience in the field of listing and trading of securities from many different regions. Our focus has always been international and this has allowed us to become:

  • The leader in international listings

  • The largest stock exchange in Europe in terms of international bond listings

  • A leading exchange for other types of international issues, such as global depositary receipts.

A largely local shareholding structure allows us to remain independent in our decisions. So we are well positioned to take initiatives with regard to the Luxembourg financial center.

At a technical level, our international influence is partly based on the dynamism of up-to-date means and methods of communication.

A final advantage is our subsidiary Fundsquare, which specialises in information services for investment funds.

Our business lines

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange is organised around our two main lines:

  • The listing of securities

  • Markets for the trading of securities.

Our vision...

We strive to remain a benchmark stock exchange in the field of international securities listings.

  • We want to continue to better serve our customers by offering innovative products and services tailored to their requirements
  • The exercise of our profession must take place in a climate of trust with all intermediaries, be they regulatory authorities, professionals or investors.

…and values

  • Solidity

  • Transparency

  • Technology

  • Regulation



Société Anonyme

35A Boulevard Joseph ll
L-1840 Luxembourg

Tel: (352) 47 79 36 - 1
Fax: (352) 47 32 98

Postal address
B.P. 165
L-2011 Luxembourg


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