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Launch an initial public offering or simply list your shares or depositary receipts with us and tap an international investor base.

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The first step when listing a share or GDR is to choose a market. LuxSE operates two markets: the Bourse de Luxembourg (BdL) market and the Euro MTF.

BdL market or Euro MTF: what’s the difference?

At LuxSE, issuers can choose to list on two markets: The EU-regulated Bourse de Luxembourg market and the exchange-regulated Euro MTF.

Both markets provide issuers greater visibility and all listed securities are admitted to trading on our exchange. But there are also a number of important differences. Find out which market best suits your needs.

Advantages of listing a share or depositary receipt

  • Greater visibility

    Benefit from greater visibility and enhanced brand recognition

  • Broader scope

    Easier access to capital from a broad investor base across multiple jurisdictions

  • LuxX Index

    Float your shares and become a listed member of the LuxX index

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