Listing process

Listing with the Luxembourg Stock Exchange is a simple 5-step process, from selecting a market to listing your security.


Step 1: Choose a market

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange operates two markets: the EU-regulated Bourse de Luxembourg Market and the exchange-regulated Euro MTF.

Both markets provide issuers greater visibility and all securities listed on one of our markets are admitted to trading on our exchange.

BdL market vs. Euro MTF

Step 2: Prepare a prospectus

In the prospectus, issuers will need to provide, among other things, detailed financial statements, terms and conditions relating to the security and information on recent developments.

Appointing an experienced team of professionals can help you deliver a complete prospectus. Issuers will often seek services from the following specialists before lodging an application. This is not a mandatory requirement to list. However, we recommend appointing an experienced legal advisor to guide you when drawing up a prospectus.


Step 3: Submit your prospectus

Any listing and admission to trading require that a prospectus be prepared and approved by a competent authority.

The Luxembourg Stock Exchange and the CSSF have dedicated teams of experts reviewing listing prospectuses and who strive to complete the approval process as quickly as possible.



Step 4: Listing and admission to trading

Once the prospectus has been approved by the competent authority, your security will be listed. See the official list for all listed securities.

Official list

Step 5: Post-listing reporting

Reporting does not end here. After being listed and admitted to trading, issuers must regularly disclose regulated information relating to their business and listed security.

Issuers on the BdL and Euro MTF can take advantage of LuxSE’s FIRST, an integrated tool that enables issuers to publish and disseminate information.