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A pioneer in the green investment space, LuxSE is the premier venue for Green bond listings in the world


In 2007, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) became the first stock exchange in the world to list a Green bond following the launch of the European Investment Bank’s “Climate Awareness” bond.

With 114 Green bonds in 20 currencies from over 25 different issuers, we are the exchange with the highest number of listed green bonds.

What is a Green bond?

Green bonds are debt instruments that have been issued to fund projects that have positive environmental or climate benefits. Proceeds from these bonds are typically earmarked for green projects but are backed by the issuer’s entire balance sheet. 

Check out the EIB's video about what a green bond is and what makes this asset class so unique

Listing a green bond in Luxembourg

Transparency about the use of proceeds, and the environmental benefits achieved, is fundamental for the credibility of the asset class and investors’ trust. 

To be recognised as a “green” issuer, self-labelled or third-party labelled Green bonds need to demonstrate, via their mandatory prospectus, that:

  • Proceeds from the bond will be used for green investments or loans within market-accepted activities

  • The issuer commits to meet certain criteria with respect to management of proceeds, transparency and reporting.

Learn more about the advantages of being a green issuer on our Luxembourg Green Exchange page 

Who lists Green bonds?

LuxSE attracts a wide range of green issuers including supranationals, development banks and private sector companies.

Prominent Green bond issuers include:

  • European Investment Bank
    The world’s leading issuer of green bonds by volume, the European Investment Bank issues all of its “climate awareness” bonds at LuxSE since its launch in 2007.
  • Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau
    Two Green bonds worth €1.5 billion were issued by the German government-owned development bank, the largest green bond issues in both 2014 and 2015.
  • Bank of China
    Bank of China became the first Chinese bank to list a Green bond in Europe after issuing a $2.8bn green bond on LuxSE.

Overview of Green bonds listed on LuxSE



If you have any queries about listing on Luxembourg Green Exchange, please contact:

Chiara Caprioli (Business Development Manager)
Tel: +352 47 79 36 417

If you wish to list a green bond, please send an application to


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