Legislation, rules and fees

Legislation, rules and fees

We follow internal regulations, as well as regulatory and EU laws – you can consult all applicable rules below. Our manuals and fee structure documents give a comprehensive overview of all our services.

Rules and regulations

LuxSE Rules & Regulations 2018

LuxSE Trading Manual 2018

Appendix to LuxSE Trading Manual 2018

Date: 01/2018


MiFID II: LEI code required

MiFID l & ll

Grand-ducal regulation of 13 July 2007

Market abuse (MAR)

CSSF: laws, regulations and other texts

MAR - laws, regulations and other texts


All circulars CSSF related to OAM



UCITS - Undertakings for Collective Investment in Transferable Securities

OPCVM - Organismes de Placement Collectif en Valeurs Mobilières

OGAW - Organismen für gemeinsame Anlagen in Wertpapieren


AIFs - Alternative Investment Funds

FIA - Fonds d'Investissement Alternatifs

AIF Alternative Investmentfonds


Securities Official List (SOL)


Stops on bearer securities

Law of 3 September 1996

Grand Ducal regulation of 31 October 1996

Law of 13 July 2007

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Listing Fees

Fees for Listing Services
Date: March 2017

Market Data Services Fees Schedule

Transaction Fees

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Corporate governance

Corporate Governance

2015 report

2014 report

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Gouvernance d'Entreprise

Gouvernance d'Entreprise

Les X Principes de gouvernance d’entreprise de la Bourse de Luxembourg

rapport 2015

rapport 2014

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