Listing a bond on the Euro MTF Market

Listing on the Euro MTF market will require submission of a prospectus to LuxSE. Once the prospectus has been reviewed and approved, the security will be listed and admitted to trading.

  • Choosing a listing agent (optional)

    It is not mandatory to appoint a listing agent to list at LuxSE; you can submit applications directly with us. However, you may choose to appoint a listing agent to submit requests on your behalf.

    Our listing members can act as a listing agent for you.

    See our listing members
  • Listing requirements

    In order to list on the Euro MTF, the bond must fulfil the following criteria:

    • Minimum issue size of €200.000, or equivalent value in other currencies
    • Bond should be eligible for clearing and settlement
    • Bond should be freely negotiable and fungible

    See Part 1, Chapters 5 and 7 of the Rules and Regulations for full details of our listing requirements.

    LuxSE Rules & Regulations
  • Listing process

    File a prospectus
    To begin the listing process, complete the following documents and send them to

    • A copy of the prospectus
    • Application form
    • Undertaking letter

    Prospectus review
    A first set of comments on a complete draft prospectus will be sent to you within a maximum period of three business days from the date of receipt of the filed application.

    Additional comments following submission of an updated draft prospectus will be provided within a maximum of two business days after submission.

    In the majority of cases, we are able to revert to you in less than 24 hours after submission of the updated draft prospectus.

    Final submission
    Listing can only take place once the prospectus is clear of comments and after receipt of the following:

    • Final version of the prospectus
    • First listing price (current market price)
    • Closing confirmation
    • Split of RegS - Rule 144A Notes (if applicable)

    For more information about the application process, see Part 1, Chapter 4 of our Rules & Regulations.

    Rules & Regualtions
  • Fees

    All fees are paid to LuxSE and priced in euros.

    • Bonds
      Approval fee 
      (if and as applicable)
      First listing Subsequent listing Supplement
        2,500 1,000 600
      Listing fee First listing Subsequent listing Fungible
        1,200 600 600
      Maintenance fee¹
      per security per year
      Issued amount
      (in € million)
      First listing Subsequent listing
        Up to 50 500 300
        Up to 100 650 450
        Up to 500 700 500
        More than 500 800 600

      An additional maintenance fee is charged when the post-fungible amount exceeds a certain threshold

    • Structured investment products

      Structured investment products are structured notes, warrants or certificates that are based on an underlying security, stock, commodity or other financial instrument, and are issued by a credit institution or affiliate.

      Approval fee
      (if and as applicable)
      First listing Subsequent listing Supplement
        2,500 1,000 600
      Listing fee First listing Subsequent listing Fungible
        1,000 600 600
      Maintenance fee Per security per year

      Maintenance fees are charged per ISIN and are payable up front for up to a maximum of 20 years.

    For more details about fees, see our listing fees booklet.

    Listing fees booklet
  • Continuing obligations

    After listing and admission to trading, issuers must fulfil specific reporting obligations. For example, issuers must file information and scheduled corporate events with LuxSE. Details are contained in Chapters 9 and 10 of LuxSE’s Rules & Regulations.

    Rules & Regulations

    Issuers on the Euro MTF market can take advantage of LuxSE’s FIRST, an integrated tool that enables issuers to publish and disseminate information. By using FIRST, you will fully comply with all regulatory reporting obligations.

  • FAQs

    For more information on how to list on the Euro MTF, read our Frequently Asked Questions.

    FAQ – Euro MTF

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