The LGX DataHub

Changing the way you use sustainability data

Reliable and comparable data form the heartbeat of sustainable investment. However, the rapid rate at which the sustainable finance industry has evolved means that structured versions of this data can be tedious to collect.

Seeing opportunity to provide both asset managers and investors with the sustainability data that they need, the Luxembourg Green Exchange created the LGX DataHub, which allows you to analyse previously unstructured pre- and post-issuance information on Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds; including all those displayed on LGX. 

Simple, structured, sustainable

The LGX DataHub brings previously unstructured data into a completely new and structured light, bringing the value of reliable and comparable sustainability data into your investment decisions.

Monitoring the tangible impact of your investments has never been easier by using the LGX DataHub’s vast selection of key data points carefully chosen to reflect investor’s interest in different project categories and geographical regions with a remarkable level of granularity as well as leading data analytics features.

Why choose the LGX DataHub?

Centralised hub

With the LGX DataHub, you can find industry-leading sustainable data under one centralised platform

Compare securities

The most granular pre-issuance and post-issuance data in the market, including comparable allocation and impact data

Invest sustainably

Sustainable data allow you to find the securities that match your sustainable investment goals

Discover relevant sustainability data

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