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Your goal: To produce relevant disclosures for investors

Issuing sustainable bonds entails the following process:

  • Alignment of financial planning with the overall sustainable strategy
  • Establishing a framework following best market practices 
  • Setting up of internal processes for selecting eligible projects
  • Earmarking and managing proceeds
  • Obtaining an external review on the framework
  • Monitoring and reporting on allocation and impact following best practices

And requires companies to produce a number of documents:

  • Framework
  • Second party opinion
  • Allocation report
  • Impact report
  • External verification

To help issuers navigate in the issuance process with ease and avoid potential pitfalls throughout the entire journey, the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX) has launched an affordable solution to assist issuers in the pre-issuance and post-issuance processes.

Your challenge: Meeting best market practices and standards

The issuance process of a sustainable bond can be daunting, especially for new or smaller issuers who may lack the expertise or resources to effectively manage the required processes. Under the guidance of international and local standards, disclosures tend to become harmonised, yet constant innovation and sectoral differences keep on pushing the limits of excellence, making previous practices quickly outdated. At the same time, investor’s practices and expectations are also getting more sophisticated, prompted by their own sustainable targets and growing regulations.
Standing at the forefront of sustainable finance, it is the role of LGX to promote alignment of issuers’ practices with investors’ expectations.

How we can help: Provide assistance in the pre- and post-issuance process

LGX Assistance Services has been developed as a flexible resource for issuers interested in issuing sustainable bonds in  a timely and cost-effective manner. Our team of sustainable finance experts will closely assist you with the issuance process, by providing support with the structuring and review of the framework, providing peer comparison, shaping the post-issuance allocation and impact reporting. Through the LGX Academy, our experts can also provide tailor-made trainings for employees involved in these processes.

  • Tailor-made courses: Building the capacity of the potential issuer by providing tailor-made trainings on latest developments in the market in terms of standards and best practices
  • Peer comparison: Provide insights on industry peers’ practices
  • Structuring of framework: Assist the issuer in establishing a solid sustainable (green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds) framework in line with best practices in the market
  • Review of the framework: Assist in reviewing an issuer's existing framework and upgrading it to meet best practices in the market, without providing an official opinion
  • Post-issuance reporting: Assist the issuer in establishing a solid sustainable post-issuance allocation and impact report in line with market best practices

Why LGX?

As the world’s leading platform for sustainable finance, LGX has privileged and unrestricted access to a comprehensive online database of information on sustainable instruments.               

Our sustainable finance experts collect extensive data on large samples of documents on a daily basis. They are well-positioned to identify and suggest best reporting practices to issuers.

Through the LGX Academy, our team of sustainable finance experts allow participants to enrich their sustainability knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of market practices and instruments and is already successfully providing qualitative guidance for issuers.      

If you need more information

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The Luxembourg Stock Exchange (LuxSE) provides the LGX Assistance Services (Services) in its capacity as market operator. For the avoidance of doubt, LuxSE is not an advisory provider. The Services constitute support exclusively available for issuers declaring their intention to list their securities on LuxSE. The Services do not constitute a substitute for any other LuxSE listing requirements. The Services are not intended to be, and shall not be construed as, legal advice. 
The Services are merely a form of assistance and using the Services does not guarantee a successful application. Issuers remain fully and solely responsible for the content of the documentation and compliance with (i) the requirements for admission of the securities to the respective LuxSE’s market(s)/listing venue; and (ii) the requirements of any thematic bond. Please be aware that LuxSE cannot be held responsible for not meeting the requirements of a thematic bond. The provision of the Services does not constitute (i) any endorsement, commitment or recommendation on behalf of LuxSE to invest in the above mentioned securities and (ii) any warranty or representation from LuxSE in connection with the good standing, profitability or reliability of the issuer.