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Shaping the future of Sustainable Finance

The LGX Academy was developed by the industry experts at the Luxembourg Green Exchange to fill the gap in current Sustainable Finance education. The LGX Academy provides tailor-made, in-person lectures and seminars to those already working in the industry, and those wishing to establish careers in the economy of the future.

To date, the LGX Academy and its highly skilled lecturers have provided participants in Luxembourg and beyond with material that can be directly applied to the industry. The LGX Academy team therefore play a key role in strengthening the development of the Sustainable Finance industry for future generations.

Enrich your sustainability knowledge

Issuers, investors and assets managers can now become ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) professionals through LGX Academy’s in-person lectures that allow them to both unlock their full potential, and help direct future capital flows towards Sustainable Finance.

The LGX Academy allows participants to enrich their sustainability knowledge and gain a deeper understanding of market practices in order to create and advise on sustainable investments.

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Why choose the LGX Academy?

Latest sustainability insights

Regardless of background, receive in-depth teaching on Sustainable Finance insights that can be applied directly to the industry.

Expert lecturers

Discover a wide range of material, taught in-person by our expert lecturers who have built careers in the development of the Sustainable Finance industry. 

Tailor-made courses

Receive tailor-made lectures covering a wide variety of Sustainable Finance topics designed to meet participants’ specific requirements & needs.

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