Luxembourg Green Exchange

Join the Luxembourg Green Exchange, the world’s leading platform dedicated exclusively to securities that are 100% green, social or sustainable.

LGX: A truly green platform

Demand for green finance has surged on the back of the COP 21 agreement in Paris as efforts to tackle climate change become a top global priority. In order to help facilitate the development of green finance, in 2016 we launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a dedicated platform for green, social and sustainable securities.

LGX aims to provide issuers and investors an environment for securities that are truly green, social or sustainable. Entry is restricted to issuers that provide full disclosure and fulfil their reporting obligations, and, in doing so, ensuring quality issuance for investors.

  • 150+ Green, social and sustainable bonds displayed on LGX

  • EUR 72+ bn Volume of securities displayed on LGX

  • 1st Ranking based on global share of listed green bonds

Advantages of LGX

  • All securities are recognised globally as either 100% green, 100% social or a blend of both
  • Access to a broad range of green, social and sustainable bond issuers
  • Thorough green information about each security
  • A dedicated platform to disclose information and publish announcements

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Latest LGX displayed securities

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Who lists with us

Any issuer can apply to join LGX. Securities displayed on LGX range from those issued by local governments and multinationals, to supranationals and privately-owned companies.

How to join

Joining LGX is straightforward. Follow this five-step process and gain entry to our dedicated platform.

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A success story from one of our issuers

"When we issued our first green bond in 2013 there were quite a few cases of greenwashing elsewhere in the market; issuers labelling their bonds green with little evidence of funds going to green projects…We decided to join LGX as it allowed investors to reliably compare green bonds across a range of verifiable selection criteria."

Michael Stölting

Member of the Managing Board, NRW Bank

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