Listing Notices from the LuxSE

The latest listing news from the leader in international listings


There are four notices pages currently available. 

  • Latest listings. This contains today's listings and other upcoming listings. Any known changes affecting the listing or its date are in the "Comments" column of the page.  

  • Upcoming delistings. The reason for the delisting can be found in the "Comments" column of the page.

  • Latest suspensions. This is currently only available as a pdf file and includes suspensions carried out during the last three opening days.  

  • Latest market transfers between the "Bourse de Luxembourg" EU-regulated market and the Euro MTF exchange regulated market.

Modified versions of these pages are also available as RSS feeds.

There is also  special feed for official notices from the LuxSE. This includes notices on significant or non-standard suspensions, changes of issuer names, changes concerning LuxSE members,  and any other important events.  These notices are also published in the Official Notices and Notices from Issuers page.



International Primary Markets - IPM

Julie Becker
Member of the Executive committee & Head of IPM

Listing & Approvals

Alessandro Picco: 47 79 36 261
Ronny Alf: 47 79 36 229

Issuing Programs

Daniel Majek: 47 79 36 221
Tom Schmit: 47 79 36 223


Daniel Majek: 47 79 36 221
Jerry Hoffmann: 47 79 36 338

Relationship Management & Business Development

Carlo Oly: 47 79 36 227

Key Documents for Notices