We offer trading opportunities in shares, fixed income, investment funds, covered warrants and certificates.

Five reasons to trade with us

1. Product diversity

  • We offer a well-diversified range of financial instruments to professional and retail investors including: domestic stocks, GDRs, funds, fixed income securities, covered warrants and certificates.

2. High-end infrastructure

  • A state-of-the-art trading platform: Euronext’s OPTIQ Platform
  • LCH.Clearnet SA acts as the central counterparty, thus reduces clearing and settlement risks
  • Settlement performed by Clearstream and Euroclear

3. Sophisticated trading mechanism

  • A central order book with different types of orders such as limit orders, market-to-limit, stop-loss, etc.
  • Liquidity guaranteed by a mechanism of competitive and continuous auction, and by the presence of liquidity providers
  • Pre- and post-trade transparency

4. Market surveillance

  • A correct trading environment and protection of investors assured by the controls of the Markets & Surveillance Department

5. NEOSS (Non-Executed Order Screening System)

  • Real-time monitoring of non-executed orders improve market participants’ visibility. Find out more NEOSS


Authorised trading members

To place your orders, select a LuxSE-authorised trading member as your market intermediary. There are dozens of trading members to choose from, all you need to do is find the one that deals in the instruments you want to invest in.

Trading members – full list


Most-traded securities


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