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A fast track procedure for Euronext cross-members, enabling efficient access to the LuxSE

Trading on the markets of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange may be performed only by authorised trading members. If you want to pass an order through an existing trading member, see the list of members.

Investment firms, credit institutions and existing members of Euronext's cash markets can become trading members. More details on membership are in the "How to Become a Member" section.

The access to markets process varies depending on whether a member applies as a “cross-member” originating from Euronext’s European cash markets or as a “new member”, that is, as a new member of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

how to Trade ENFor new members, after ensuring that the application for membership is approved, the process is divided into 4 main phases.

Step 1: selecting a relevant solution

Step 2: setting up and confirming configuration

Step 3: testing and training

Step 4: go live.

Naturally, the application for new membership procedures should be completed before starting these steps.

Members may connect directly to the markets or opt for the solutions and applications of one of the ISVs, or Independent Software Vendors approved by the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.

New members should note that there will be, and should plan for, coordination between the main actors: the member, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Euronext Customer Technical Support and the ISV, if this is part of the solution chosen.

For Euronext cross-members, there is a fast track procedure. The markets of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange are hosted on a specific segment of the Universal Trading Platform (UTP) of Euronext, which enables the use of the same technical access as that used for access to the cash markets of Euronext.



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