How to publish a notice

Transparency is key: issuers can use our Financial News Service to fulfil obligations for effective dissemination


Issuers, or their agents, can publish two types of notices:
  • Notices in the context of  "Regulated Information"
  • Other notices
All notices are published on this website and simultaneously distributed to data vendors and the media via the LuxSE's Financial News Service.
This enables issuers to fulfil their legal obligation to publish statutory information under the Transparency Law of 11 January 2008.

This service can also be used by issuers who are not subject to the law. So, for example, it can used by issuers whose securities are listed on the Euro MTF (whose obligations are covered by the Rules and Regulations of the LuxSE) or by listed or unlisted investment funds.
It is important to note that publishing a notice via the Financial News Service is not the same as fulfilling the requirements for filing and storage of regulated information. This can be carried out via the LuxSE's Regulated Information (OAM) service.

Issuer obligations


Information about these obligations can be found in the Rules and Regulations [pdf - 1177kb] of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange and also on the Actions After Listing page.


For regulated information, issuers are required to disseminate information to
  • One or more press agencies specialising in financial information and/or one or more wide circulation newspapers enabling the investors concerned to be reached
  • The regulated market or markets on which the transferable securities of the issuer concerned are listed for trading
The Luxembourg supervisor, the CSSF, considers that an issuer fulfils its obligations with regard to effective dissemination if it transmits the statutory information either itself or through a specialist company. The LuxSE, as a regulated market operator who distributes the statutory information it receives to press agencies and/or newspapers, is considered to be such a specialist company.
For other information, the LuxSE also offers this publication and distribution service for information that does not fall within the category of statutory information.

Procedure for publishing and distributing a notice or press release

Note: only notices or press releases in PDF format are accepted.
  • Download one of the two forms depending on whether or not the notice or press release to be published contains statutory information
  • Complete all information accurately and sign the document
  • Join to the form the notice or press release in PDF format
  • Send the form and attachments to
  • The notice is published and disseminated
  • Later, ensure that the appropriate payment has been carried out.
Notices from investment funds are also published on Fundsquare, LuxSE's subsidiary.
Notices or press releases received after market close are published at the latest before the market opening of the next trading day.


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