High yield bonds

We balance investor needs with an efficient and fully customised listing service for high yield bond issuers.

The European centre for high yield bonds

In 2006, LuxSE became the first European exchange to list high yield bonds. In cooperation with the European High Yield Association, we published the first EU guidance and rules on listing high yield bonds, giving corporate issuers with complex ownership structures access to capital markets. Today, we account for roughly 50% of the listed high yield bond market.

  • 650+ Total number of high yield bonds listed in December 2020

  • €260.70+ bn Total volume of high yield bonds listed in 2020

  • 50%* Share of listed European high yield bond market

* Based on AFME High Yield Bond statistics 2016

A fully tailored listing solution

Every high yield bond has unique characteristics; no two prospectuses are the same. Issuers can leverage our expertise to ensure their prospectus is fully customised to the individual needs of their bond.

Disclosure requirements are practical, yet robust. For example, issuers are only required to disclose consolidated financial statements and the proportion of the financials represented by the underlying guarantors. This provides investors with pertinent information relating to the security, while at the same time minimising disclosure efforts.

A selection of our high yield bond issuers

Advantages of listing at LuxSE

  • Greater visibility among international investors
  • A rapid and efficient listing process
  • A trusted regulatory regime with decades of experience listing securities
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