Green bonds

Finance green projects and boost your ESG credentials by listing your green securities on our dedicated market.

A pioneer in green finance

In 2007, LuxSE listed the first ever green bond to enter the market; the European Investment Bank’s “Climate Awareness Bond”. Since then our exchange has become the leading venue for this asset class. Today, more than 140 green bonds are listed on our market. Issuers range from sovereigns, supranationals, agencies and development banks to financial institutions and major corporates.

  • 1st Ranking based on global share of listed green bonds

  • 40+ Issuers of green bonds

Why list your green bonds at LuxSE

  • Increase visibility of your security
  • Access to a broad range of green issuers
  • Rely on LuxSE’s expertise in green finance
  • Option to access Luxembourg Green Exchange without any additional costs

The market for green securities has experienced rapid growth in recent years as climate change becomes a top global priority. To help facilitate the development of this market, in 2016 we launched the Luxembourg Green Exchange (LGX), a dedicated platform for green securities. LGX aims to bring green issuers and environmentally-conscious investors together under one roof. To find out if your green securities qualify for entry to LGX, visit our dedicated LGX section. 

Green bonds on LGX

What is a green bond?

Green bonds are debt instruments that have been issued to fund projects that have a positive environmental or climate benefit. Proceeds from these bonds are typically earmarked for green projects and are backed by the issuer’s entire balance sheet.

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