Attract equity investors from all over the world and boost your company’s profile by listing your depositary receipts on our markets.

Breaking down market barriers

Global Depositary Receipts, or GDRs, provide companies facing restrictions on foreign ownership of their assets easy access to investors from multiple jurisdictions. Issuers listing GDRs benefit from long term and stable equity financing.

LuxSE is the leading venue in Europe for GDRs and has established two indices for GDRs originating from India and Taiwan.

A selection of GDRs listed at LuxSE

GDR indices

The Lux GDRs India and the Lux GDRs Taiwan are weighted capitalisation indices comprised of all the GDRs of the respective country that are listed on the Luxembourg Stock Exchange.


Advantages of listing at LuxSE

  • Increased visibility among international investors
  • A rapid and efficient listing process
  • A trusted regulatory regime with decades of experience listing securities
Listing Overview

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