Listing applications (4)

Application form - Bonds or warrants

Application form - Investment funds

Application form - Prospectus approval

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Letters of undertaking (4)

Letter of undertaking - Euro MTF

Letter of undertaking - Regulated market

Letter of undertaking - Euro MTF

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LuxSE SOL (2)

Application form - SOL

Admission to Securities Official List

Letter of undertaking - SOL

Market abuse (MAR)

CSSF forms and templates

CSSF forms and templates

Members (4)

Membership and Trading Platform application form

Authorised representative application form

Responsible person application form

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OAM (2)

OAM appendix B

OAM appendix C

FNS (2)

FNS - regulated information notices

FNS - other information notices

LGX (1)

LGX application

Stops on bearer securities (4)

Placing a stop

Application to terminate a stop

Request to lift ex-officio a stop

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