FIRST - Financial Instruments Reporting Services Tool

The brand new multi-functional reporting tool called FIRST – Financial Instruments Reporting Services Tool – is our answer to all ongoing issuer obligations in terms of OAM, filing documents to the financial regulatory and disseminating information to the public.

An integrated tool

FIRST is the latest solution in multi-functional reporting, filing, and storage of documents.

Via FIRST you can simultaneously distribute announcements to the market, to the Officially Appointed Mechanism and to the regulator, all through a single portal.

Advantages of using FIRST

  • A single portal for publishing, disseminating and filing of regulated information
  • Faster and easier completion of your reporting obligations via a drag&drop function and an automated ISIN scan of all documents 
  • Status tracking of your publications and view of all past submissions and announcements
  • Access the platform directly or pass control to your agent or law firm
  • Fully compliant with all regulatory requirements
  • Available 24/7

FIRST addresses the industry’s challenges

FIRST allows you to fully comply with your three reporting requirements under the Transparency Law:

  • Publish regulated information and disseminate any other announcements
  • Make information available for storage in the Officially Appointed Mechanism (OAM)
  • File regulated information with the financial regulator

A cutting-edge technology

Filing regulated information is time sensitive and the involved stress can lead to human errors. To minimise the chances of mistakes, FIRST performes a document scan of all uploaded files in search of ISIN codes. This technologically-advanced procedure adds an additional layer to reassuring that the information being reported corresponds to your securities.

Using FIRST is easy


Login to FIRST then drag and drop the files you want to publish and select where you want to distribute them


FIRST scans the individual ISIN codes in your documents. You can then schedule information to be published at a future date and time using the calendar function


After all the documents have been uploaded, review and manage your list, so that you are sure the reported information corresponds to your securities.


As soon as your payment method has been confirmed (you can choose to pay by credit card or to receive an invoice), all documents will be published and distributed as requested

How can I use FIRST?

For current OAM service users - How can I activate FIRST?

To use OAM services within FIRST you won't need to do anything. All current OAM service users will automatically get access to FIRST. You will be able to file and store information in the OAM using your current login and password. There are no additional cost to use FIRST for OAM reporting and your existing contract with us remains valid.

For new FIRST users - How can I activate FIRST?

To activate the FNS service within FIRST you must sign the Services Selection Sheet.

3 steps to get access to FIRST:

1. Download and review the Services Selection Sheet
2. Sign the Services Selection Sheet and send a scanned copy of the sheet by email to
3. Once the scanned copy of the Services Selection Sheet has been received by email, you will get access to the full suite of FIRST services

Get details on FNS and OAM:

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