Euronext members

Euronext members get access to both LuxSE markets: the regulated BdL market and the Euro MTF market. To trade on either of these markets, all you need to do is apply for cross-membership.


  • STEP 1: Fill in the application form
    Members of Euronext's European cash markets may access the LuxSE markets as cross-members.

    A.  Fill in the application form

    B.  Fill in the member commitment form

    C.  Send the application together with the member commitment form


    D.  The membership confimation will be sent directly to your mailbox


  • STEP 2: Get connected

    Use your current Euronext solution to connect to LuxSE markets and place orders. You can connect through your system or use services of an ISV. List of ISVs

  • STEP 3: Train on the test platform

    Before going live, new members must test the trading chain on our demo platform.

  • STEP 4: Go live

    Voila! You are now an authorised member of LuxSE.

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