FAQ - Euro MTF


The purpose of the present information is to help issuers of securities to avoid delays and costs by providing certainty over the factual application of the Rules & Regulations (“R&R”)
of the Luxembourg Stock Exchange (“LuxSE”) which lay down the requirements in terms of approval of prospectuses and the listing process on its multilateral trading facility (“Euro MTF” market).


Attention should be paid to the fact that the FAQ - Euro MTF relates to matters inherent to the R&R and not to the regulated market, the Prospectus Law or the Prospectus Directive.

Any questions regarding the guidance provided below or regarding any of the provisions set out in the R&R may be sent to the following e-mail address: bolide@bourse.lu

l. Practical questions


ll. Approval: Questions & Answers



International Primary Markets - IPM

Julie Becker
Member of the Executive committee & Head of IPM

Listing & Approvals

Alessandro Picco: 47 79 36 261
Ronny Alf: 47 79 36 229

Issuing Programs

Daniel Majek: 47 79 36 221
Tom Schmit: 47 79 36 223


Daniel Majek: 47 79 36 221
Jerry Hoffmann: 47 79 36 338

Relationship Management & Business Development

Carlo Oly: 47 79 36 227


FAQ - Euro MTF

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