Expiration of a Stop

Termination of a stop, ex-officio lifting and forfeiture

Termination of a stop

When the opponent retrieves a security on which he has placed a stop, he will terminate the stop.
The opponent must fill in and sign the application to terminate a stop [pdf - 582kb], and has to send it by registered mail to the registering institution.

Ex-officio lifting

The publication of a stop after

  i)   the registration of a security in a securities account; or
  ii)  the sale of the security by the issuer or cancellation of the security in accordance with the law on dematerialised securities

shall have no effect.

The liquidation body, the central account keeper or the account keeper or, as the case may be, the issuer may request the registering institution to lift such a stop by confirming in writing the date of the occurrence of one of the events mentioned above.


In the event that no application for termination of a stop is effected, a security appearing on the list of stopped securities, without interruption and for four calendar years, as from 1 January following the first publication by display, shall be automatically forfeited and become of no value.

The forfeiture of the security shall imply that the applicant becomes entitled to exercise the rights attached to the security upon issuance of a new security in its favour or registration of the security in its securities accounts and to cash in any arrears or capital which have fallen due.




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