LuxSE’s EU Taxonomy-related disclosure study 2022

EU Taxonomy: How are issuers approaching the new disclosures?

While the EU Taxonomy is still work in progress and issuers of sustainable bonds are under no obligation to report on their bond’s alignment with the EU Taxonomy, a number of issuers of green, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds are already including elements of the EU Taxonomy in their bond-level disclosures.  

To get a sense of what the market response has been so far, the Luxembourg Stock Exchange analysed 5,451 listed sustainable bonds worldwide and searched for references to elements of the EU Taxonomy in the relevant pre- and post-issuance documentation.   

If you are curious to know more about how issuers are adapting their bond-level disclosure to the EU Taxonomy and the nature of these disclosures, download a copy of our study today! We are happy to share our detailed findings with you.